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ICD-10 Testing

ICD-10 Internal Testing

QualiTest offers a holistic testing approach which provides an end-to-end test at a fraction of the cost compared to current market approaches.
QualiTest understands the challenges and risks involved in ICD-10 transformation across the healthcare spectrum: providers, payers, clearinghouses, and vendors. As the world’s second-largest independent pure play QA and testing solution partner, QualiTest provides comprehensive end-to-end services for ICD-10 testing to all entities in the healthcare industry.

With our industry expertise and partnership with various vendors, QualiTest has established a unique approach which is both better and cheaper than present ICD-10 testing alternatives in the market. Our end-to-end approach encompasses both internal and external testing, another way we dramatically reduce costs.

ICD-10 Internal Testing Solution

Our ICD-10 testing services include testing the interoperability of internal applications and interfaces between system components. Our automation accelerators will speed up the testing cycle by automating large volumes of test data entry from Golden Dataset into HIM systems.

What makes our ICD-10 testing approach unique?

  • Service delivery includes the use of a comprehensive dual coded (ICD-9 and ICD-10) clinical database. The ICD 10 data used for testing is NOT based on crosswalks or GEMs and is therefore known to be correct.
  • It also includes the use of automated accelerators for injecting large volumes of ICD-9 and ICD-10 clinical/claims data directly into provider and payer systems

Our ICD-10 testing services include:

  • Test assessment and planning: We help providers and payers assess the testing impacts and scope, develop risk based test strategy, and plan for internal and external testing
  • A set of ICD 10 test cases as well as ICD 10 clinical and claims test data
  • Product configuration testing: Verification of third party product configuration changes for ICD-10 implementation
  • Mapping and Crosswalk validation: Testing of various mapping-based scenarios, verification of clinical and financial accuracy
  • Internal Testing: Testing the interoperability of internal applications and interfaces between system components
  • External Trading Partner Testing: End-to-end testing of systems/applications and their interoperability across the healthcare spectrum including providers, payers, clearinghouses, and third party vendors and administrators
  • Performance/Load/Volume Testing: Testing the performance of the system to ensure upgraded systems are not negatively impacting the system performance/operations
  • Test Automation: Automation of repetitive ICD 10 testing scenarios and accelerators for speeding up the testing