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Independent Software Testing

Independent Software Testing

QualiTest Group is the world's second largest independent software testing
company offering Quality Assurance and Software Testing services. QualiTest is committed to improving quality by providing superior QA solutions to customers and partners worldwide as well as advancing QA and testing methodologies.
QualiTest’s engagement model allows our clients to take advantage of using an outside testing vendor who is a specialist at pure play independent software testing.

Why are independent test services good?

Software Testing is All that We Do

Any engagement with QualiTest will grant you access to industry leading experts, methodologies and knowledge. As software testing experts, we have the knowledge, the people and the experience to offer you the best independent test services that fit your needs.

Measurable Testing Deliverables

– How much does it cost you to find a bug?
– What percentage of bugs do you find before you go live?
– How much money is saved annually by utilizing test automation?

The majority of IT managers and CIOs don’t know the answers to these questions. Outsourcing your testing to QualiTest grants you better visibility of your testing process and what you actually get for your investment in testing

Impartial Quality Assessment

Letting someone assess the quality of their own work is not a good idea. In a mature process there should be a separation between programmers, users, and testers. Allowing independent testers to use their skills and unique ways of thinking to find defects assures that the finished system will be a high-quality product

Enjoy a Flexible and Efficient Testing Team

QualiTest has an extensive pool of domain experts in various disciplines of QA and testing. This enables QualiTest to quickly and efficiently start testing your system as soon as needed. More importantly, it allows easy ramp up and down of testing resources according to business needs.

No Hidden Fees

With QualiTest as a provider of independent test services, there are no hidden costs. The rate you are quoted is the rate you’re billed. Hidden costs of recruitment and employment are no longer your concern.