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Offshore Test

All-Shore Testing Services

QualiTest, as the world's second largest independent testing company, can provide Managed Testing Services (MTS) through a mixture of testing Off-Shore, testing On-Site and testing On-Shore modules. According to your needs and requirements, QualiTest can tailor the right solution for you. Your right solution could be comprised of a single testing team working either On-Site, Off-Shore or On-Shore fulfilling your testing needs, or a combined effort from our testing experts worldwide; you could enjoy the close attention and transparency from an On-Site test management team, combined with a large scale competitive priced operation from our Off-Shore test centers. All global testing services and MTS are provided under the supervision of QualiTest’s senior test specialists.

testing Off-Shore

Testing Off-Shore

In the modern world, corporations across the globe are gaining efficiency by using world economies to their advantage for carrying out work. Testing is no different, and the prime area for Off-Shore is India. Testing Off-Shore will allow you to take advantage of our team at QualiTest India that can carry out packets of work at highly competitive prices while maintaining quality levels.

On-Site testing

On-Site Testing Services

The QualiTest team is located on-site at the client's place of business and provides software testing services from right there. When your testing operation is within earshot of your developing team, you can expect fast pace, high quality and full transparency.

Off-Shore test

On-Shore Test Centers

QualiTest On-Shore testing services are provided at one of QualiTest’s On-Shore QA Centers of Excellence (QA-COE) located within a 2-hour drive of our client’s sites. Providing this independent testing solution from a nearby test center assures high quality, fast response, changing manpower needs, and high-end facilities.

testing Off-Shore


Crowdtesting software is a great way to eliminate usage bugs. By allowing users all over the world to test the application across a variety of devices, service providers, and regional constraints, we gain a much deeper understanding of the bugs a user will likely encounter, no matter where they are. Crowdsourced testing with QualiTest means a higher pedigree of testers working across the globe, leveraged with the same high quality our clients are used to with our more traditional testing methods.