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Testing Projects

QA Testing Projects
  • Set-term outsourcing
  • Project-based agreement
  • Project deliverables coordination
  • Insurance of resource availability at key milestones

QualiTest’s Project Testing Services help you improve the quality, reliability, and performance of your IT systems, leading to faster time to market for your application with reduced costs. Our testing outsourcing and QA services guarantee the highest quality while also providing low cost and enhanced usability. QualiTest's experts use their veteran skills and experience in core software testing to make sure every feature of your application and system works.

At the core of our qualified testing experts is the ability to tackle any software testing challenge with ease. By using only seasoned veterans, we not only save you time but also ensure quality across the entire testing process.

Test Methodology, best practices, tools and test automation

QualiTest actively embraces a Keyword Driven Test (KDT) and Tool Driven Test approach focused on effective use of tools to reduce the cost of testing and to improve the effectiveness of our testing.

Test tools used include QTP, Load runner, Win runner, jUnit, jTestcase, nUnit, NCover, Emma, Selenium; open source tools like Grinder, OpenSTA, WATIR, Canoo, and Fitnesse; and bug tracking tools like BugZilla and Mantis. QualiTest also uses build automation tools like Cruise Control, Ant and our own in-house-designed FUNTASY test automation.

Testing as a Service Advantage

Our Testing as a Service advantage is the new generation in testing services where clients can enjoy the benefits of a simplified pricing model without management and staff overhead.

This service incorporates Test Process Improvement (TPI), testing tools, and our Quality Management Tools to deliver an on-demand environment designed to:

  • Dramatically reduce cost
  • Manage spikes in test activity and productivity
  • Monitor the testing progress continuum