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Healthcare Test Automation Accelerators

Healthcare Test Acceleration Labs

QualiTest’s ICD-10 testing specialists have developed test automation accelerators for data entry and data verification. By automatically entering large amounts of dual coded data through various systems and programs, QualiTest can efficiently conduct revenue impact testing as well as both internal and external IT testing. To aid in this, QualiTest established the Healthcare Test Acceleration Labs, physical test labs where various accelerators are developed and used, manned by test engineers who are experienced in a wide variety of systems and who can implement solutions for clients’ unique needs and concerns. Organizations can take advantage of skilled experts who do this sort of work all the time, instead of relying on in-house testers who may be less experienced.

View QualiTest's ICD-10 Test Accelerators in Action:
Cerner Test Automation Accelerator

QualiTest’s HTAL (Healthcare Test Acceleration Labs) combines high end professionals, leading automation software, and proven methodologies to provide support for your ICD-10 testing effort. Our testing experts and test engineers all work together from one central location to compile knowledge bases for each of the major EHR/EMR systems, such as Cerner, Epic, MediTech, McKesson and others. Clients have the opportunity to tap into the experience and know-how our testing professionals can share over many different platforms, directly benefitting organizations of any size. At the same time, the test accelerators, a turnkey solution that’s ready whenever they are, allows them to increase the efficiency of their data entry and testing process.

Our approach utilizes automation accelerators to enter information from our Golden Dataset into all relevant healthcare systems, as well as to access and verify all data. This allows testers to investigate fewer potential issues manually, virtually eliminating human error and costly false negatives. The use of test automation accelerators is the only way to enable real end-to end testing at a reasonable cost. Automated test acceleration has proven to be 5-6 times faster than manual testing alone; testing which previously took almost half a year can now be completed within 1 month by using test automation. This provides positive ROI much sooner, saving both providers and payers time and money, with the added benefit of creating a much more efficient, reliable system in general.

Key benefits:

Coverage – Ability to test all the systems from end-to-end without the limitations inherent to manual data entry
Time – Efficiently enter large amounts of data
Ready to go – Kick-starts the testing process; your testing gets going immediately