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Implementing Test Automation on any system poses significant challenges, like finding the best experts, choosing the right automation testing services for your project, and properly implementing Test Automation methodology. In addition to these challenges, the questions – Is it worth it? Will I get positive Test Automation ROI? Can my system really benefit from this? – are concerning. Test Automation is something everybody is talking about but few are actually doing successfully.

QualiTest, the world’s second largest independent software testing company, has successfully completed numerous Test Automation projects and offers automated testing services that can help projects at various stages.

QualiTest's automation testing services provide:

Test Automation Study - QualiTest has developed a rigorous approach to determine which applications are good candidates for automated testing. Our engineers will analyze your current applications, determine those that meet ROI thresholds to justify automation, conduct Proof of Concept tests and then will submit a comprehensive professional plan for how you can increase your Test Automation coverage.

People – QualiTest employs qualified, experienced Test Automation engineers. Whether you are looking to improve your Test Automation process, check if the investment in Test Automation is right for you or just looking for experienced Test Automation resources at competitive rates, QualiTest can help you increase quality and reduce costs.

Tools – With over 16 years of testing experience, QualiTest has utilized, on various projects, most of the Test Automation tools that the market has to offer. Whether it’s a freeware or an advanced automation framework – QualiTest knows the ins and outs, the advantages, the capabilities and interfaces of most common Test Automation tools. QualiTest Test Automation solutions are results driven, and not constrained by the need to use a specific tool. We have the knowledge, capability and the freedom to work with any tool you already have or offer the best Test Automation framework that fits your project’s need.

Methodology – QualiTest matches the best Test Automation methodology to each and every project’s needs. One of the more advanced methodologies QualiTest has successfully implemented in a large number of projects that can provide impressive added value is Keyword Driven Testing (KDT). KDT is a comprehensive, cross-organization test design solution that bridges the gap between the Test Automation team and the rest of the roles involved in the testing process. It enables both manual testers and other subject-matter experts to design, build and execute Test Automation scripts without any programming knowledge. More about KDT can be found here.

QualiTest also offers the use of FUNTASY – a Test Automation Management Platform that utilizes the KDT approach to allow any subject matter expert to have an active role in planning and executing the Test Automation efforts. More about FUNTASY can be found here.