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Utilities and Smart Grid Testing

With stronger awareness of environmental concerns and as global energy prices continue to rise, energy efficiency is becoming a higher priority than ever before. One answer which utility companies are implementing is the use of “smart grids.” With smart meter communication, utility companies can better control the flow of electricity within their markets and offer incentives to even out the fluctuating demand. Implementing such a large multi-component system needs to be done with as few defects as possible, as each one could translate into a lot of money or power-flow latency

QualiTest offers smart grid testing, applying our fifteen years of testing experience to the utility industry by providing end-to-end testing solutions. By testing the system all the way from the meter, through the communication protocols, the MDM, and finally the billing system, we can offer complete assurance that the systems work as efficiently as possible.

Why Perform a Smart Grid Test?

It is our experience that many of the defects that arise during end-to-end testing revolve around the communication between the various system components. Even though the use of standardized IEC 61850 protocol and its ability to map MMS, GOOSE, SMV, and Web Services is widely known, many defects still occur due to latency, different variants’ names in different components and so on. Understanding the different protocols and sub protocols and being familiarized with the system components allows faster pinpointing of a communication defect, even while testing the entire system from end-to-end.