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The 4 pillars of good IoT user experience

Creating excellent UX in the IoT world can be a challenging job. It’s difficult to be able to cater to users’ needs in a seamless...Read More

The 6 key takeaways from the AI and Automation for Mobile Banking and Ecommerce conference

The QA Financial conference, titled “AI and Automation for Mobile Banking and Ecommerce” took place in London recently and it was a great opportunity for...Read More

From weightlifting, to building strong teams

He won weightlifting competitions, founded a technological start-up company, was one of the founders of the first escape rooms in Israel and is now on...Read More

Bucharest is Booming

Why Qualitest is Expanding in the “Largest city of Romania” “Bucharest has major strategic advantages beyond lower costs. It has a highly technical workforce, with...Read More

Kevin Smith, Director of Quality Assurance

With over 25 years’ experience, Kevin Smith began his career in professional services, doing pre-sales consulting work and then made a shift to Quality Assurance....Read More