Partners – Business Alliances

Partners – Business Alliances

Mosaic Island

Mosaic Island builds better businesses by delivering exceptional IT services through Digital Business Transformation, providing real, sustainable results for clients since 2006. Typically, this transformation is brought about in organizations where IT is not the core offering, assisted by Mosaic Island’s experience and expertise across many industry sectors. By bridging the gap between business and IT, experts work closely with clients to help them achieve their goals. While speaking the clients’ language, the latest techniques, technologies and innovations are embraced and exploited


Tefen Management is a leading global Management Consulting firm, helping dozens of companies around the world to achieve performance excellence and their strategic goals. With a “hands-on” approach, Tefen provides tailor-made solutions for both public and private companies of all shapes and sizes, with vast experience in international organizational development and project management to help you develop your business strategy and organization, and more. Tefen’s global family is comprised of highly-skilled and pragmatic consultants, fully committed to the same mission: to create value by making your company competitive, innovative and agile.


Pelicam is a project and program assurance specialist, working within client teams to deliver successful business change. When you embark on major business transformation, it’s vital you assure ROI from the outset. Pelicam does this and acts as your trusted partner at all stages of any business change. By using proven techniques and a complementary coaching program, Pelicam will ensure that your financial investment delivers success for you, your shareholders and your customers as an independent and dedicated partner. Pelicam wants to help from the beginning and to walk you through the project using their proven stage gate process.

Verify Solutions Ltd

Verify Solutions Ltd uses leading-edge performance analysis technologies to test software applications. The results of our analyses help organizations maximize the potential of their software and systems. Verify Solutions ensures that the smooth running of your applications is a cost-effective and timesaving initiative. Verify Solutions can help you deploy applications more efficiently, manage performance and help you implement long-term solutions to deliver the information you need on a day-to-day basis. Verify Solutions understands how important it is to your productivity and profits to have your business-critical software applications running to capacity. We aim to save you time, trouble and money, and also reduce the risk involved in deploying and scaling new applications, whether generic or customized.


Synel MLL Payway is one of the leading companies world-wide in visitor and workforce solutions and workforce management. They provide systemic solutions via advanced technologies, including hardware and software for overall management of attendance HR, payroll, access control, CCTV and recording systems. Their hardware and software solution package may be implemented by modules, designed to operate as an integrative system for the organization as a whole, providing the customer with a comprehensive solution for employee and visitor activities. Synel’s software and hardware workforce solutions are at the forefront of technology and faithfully serve millions of employees locally and globally every day, for reporting attendance and other activities.

Searchlight Consulting

Searchlight Consulting is an independent business consultancy which works with CEO’s, CFO’s and CIO’s to align business, IT and digital strategies. Searchlight also defines business target operating models, shapes new technology-enabled change initiatives, delivers programs and projects, and establishes IT operating models.  At Searchlight, project management expertise regarding enterprise applications and technology expertise enables helping clients make better enterprise technology decisions, reduce risk and increase the value of their technological change investments.