QualiTest Management Team

QualiTest Management Team

QualiTest’s Leadership goals focus on results, quality and a commitment to the highest standards of service in every project. Because 80% of our Management Team originated as QualiTest junior testers and over 90% are now Senior Test specialists, a deep understanding of software testing solutions is ingrained in their DNA.

Ayal Zylberman
President, QualiTest Group

Eli Margolin
President and CTO, QualiTest Group

Ayal Zylberman – President

Mr. Zylberman is a veteran in the field of software testing, specializing in various industries such as military, billing systems, network management, networking, and telephony since 1995. A pioneer in testing automation, Mr. Zylberman was among the first to implement Mercury’s automated tools. Mr. Zylberman is committed to spreading global practices, such as Keyword Driven Testing, Scrum Based Testing, and more, among QA teams in leading organizations. With numerous published articles and an active lecture schedule, Mr. Zylberman is recognized as an expert in the field of quality assurance and testing services worldwide.

Mr. Zylberman holds a BA degree in Accounting and Economics from the Tel-Aviv University, Israel and an MA degree in Economics from Tel-Aviv University, Israel.

Eli Margolin – President and CTO

Mr. Margolin has over 25 years of experience in the field of quality assurance and testing. Mr. Margolin began his career as a system analyst and team manager in the Israeli Defense Forces computer unit, where he specialized in functional and non-functional testing of military and telecom systems.

Mr. Margolin is responsible for overseeing the implementation of global practices among QualiTest clients. For the past 10 years, he has led QualiTest’s most crucial outsourcing testing project of more than 150 employees. In addition, Mr. Margolin heads the development of QualiTest internal tools for Keyword Driven Testing and is the original creator and product manager of FUNTASY – QualiTest’s KDT tool for GUI and non-GUI systems.

Mr. Margolin is a graduate of Israel Defense Forces Computer Programming (“Mamram”).

Yaron Kottler
CEO, QualiTest USA

Harvey Feuer
CFO, QualiTest USA

Neri Lavi
VP, Professional Services

Yaron Kottler – QualiTest US CEO

Mr. Kottler joined QualiTest in 1999 as a Junior QA Test Engineer, progressing through multiple hands-on roles before transitioning to business development. In 2005, Mr. Kottler led the establishment of QualiTest Turkey before relocating to the USA in 2006 to establish QualiTest USA.

Mr. Kottler is an expert in load and performance testing and the implementation of automated testing tools. He has lead large-scale testing projects in the healthcare, medical devices, and utilities industries, as well as tested ERP, CRM and billing systems.

He is a multidisciplinary leader combining strategy, marketing, and technology skills. His philosophy is that the most important skill a person should have is their ability to learn.

He holds a BA in Business Administration and IT from the IDC, Israel and an MBA from the Executive Program at the Hebrew University, Israel.

Harvey Feuer – QualiTest US CFO

Mr. Feuer joined QualiTest in 2006 and is responsible for the day-to-day management of the QualiTest US finance team. Prior to working at QualiTest, he worked in public accounting at Grant Thornton, as well as seventeen years at Dun and Bradstreet – a $4 billion global information services corporation where he held positions that included Manager of Worldwide Tax Accounting and Controller. He also was the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for 11 years for PCNet, Inc., a $60 million dollar IT solutions provider.

Mr. Feuer holds a Bachelor of Business Administration and Masters of Business Administration from the Bernard Baruch College in New York. He has taught courses in Accounting, Business Mathematics, Abstract Thinking, Computer Accounting, and Financial Planning.

Neri Lavi – VP, Professional Services

Mr. Lavi joined QualiTest in 2012 to manage QualiTest’s western US operations. Prior to joining QualiTest, Mr. Lavi acted as a QA manager at a global software company managing distributed testing teams as well as acting as a scrum master. Mr. Lavi is a software testing expert with strong experience in managing test teams and implementing Agile processes. He has published multiple QA Testing and Scrum articles and has delivered lectures and training seminars worldwide. In addition, Mr. Lavi has extensive experience in implementing automated testing tools and methodologies.

Mr. Lavi holds a BS in computer science and an MBA as part of a special program for excellent students at the Hebrew university in Jerusalem.

David Cotterell
Chairman of UK and Director of European Region

Chris White
Finance Director, QualiTest UK

Jim Brooks
VP Solution Delivery, QualiTest UK

Aviram Shotten
VP Professional Services, QualiTest UK

David Cotterell – Director of European Region

David represents the QualiTest Group and is responsible for chairing the Leadership team in setting strategy for QualiTest UK as it seeks to expand its present footprint with a special focus on acquisitions, sales, and marketing. His previous material roles have been with ACT Financial Systems (now a subsidiary of Misys), DST International, Advent, Cresta, and SQS where he was the main board director with direct responsibility for SQS’ business in the UK, Ireland, Nordics, South Africa, and Indian off-shore business where he oversaw a three-fold expansion in the last five years.

David is also a member of the Board for LSE AIM listed Incadea – and he also holds other non-competitive IT related board level positions.

Chris White – Finance Director

Chris is a strategic finance professional with 20 years of experience as a director (both executive and non-executive) in the service, IT and manufacturing sectors. Chris has experience as Finance Director and CEO for a number of companies. He has been with QualiTest for 5 years as Finance Director for the UK business and recently took up the role of Interim CEO for QualiTest UK.

Chris is passionate about developing the staff in the UK business to allow them to provide exceptional service to our clients.

Chris is a qualified Chartered Accountant with an MBA from the University of the West of England and a BA in Accountancy from the University of Exeter.

Jim Brooks – QualiTest UK, VP Solution Delivery

Jim is a senior business development professional and connector with a successful track record working across a variety of sectors.  He has an ability to forge lasting relationships at all levels, based on honesty and trust, delivering a personalized service to exceed client expectations.  An advocate of “in the wild” testing together with his comprehensive background in quality, makes him a capable leader and innovator in the industry.  This coupled with an ability to think laterally and see things from new perspectives, provides a high level of insight and enables him to devise flexible and tailored solutions to delight his customers.

Aviram Shotten – QualiTest UK, VP Professional Services

Aviram has over 12 years’ experience in SW Quality, System Engineering and process improvement. Since joining QualiTest in 2005 he has led some of QualiTest’s strategic customers around Medical Devices, Aerospace and Defence, Retail and Media and professional practices around test automation, performance testing, user experience and Crowd sourcing.

Tali Shem-Tov
QualiTest Israel GM

Michel Sharvit
VP, Professional Services

Tali Shem-Tov – QualiTest Israel GM

Ms. Shem-Tov joined QualiTest in 2000 and has held various positions in the company including vice president of human resources, account manager, and sales manager. She is currently responsible for the day-to-day management of the Israeli operation. Prior to joining QualiTest, Ms. Shem-Tov worked as an HR manager at Horizon.

Michel Sharvit – VP, Professional Services

Mr. Sharvit joined QualiTest in 1999 and has over 15 years experience in the IT field. He leads the QualiTest Professional Services team. Mr. Sharvit has successfully led various projects in the billing, CRM, medical, PDM and banking industries.