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QualiTest Tests Web & Mobile Vulnerability for Digital Wallet Company

Client Overview The client is a digital wallet company, using an AWS cloud-based PCI-DSS Platform-as-a-Service.   Business Needs and Objectives The client wanted to know...Read More

QualiTest Managed Crowd Testing solution utilized to run 24 hours a day Beta test for a new Flower Marketplace

Client Overview The client develops the next generation online shopping solutions that focus on the backbone of the community’s retail life: small, local businesses and...Read More

QualiTest Group Automates Testing for a Financial Company

Client Overview The client specializes in active global and international equity strategies, employing sophisticated analytical modeling for active stock selection. Their proprietary database exceeds 40,000...Read More

QualiTest Improves Test Automation ROI with Automation Planner

Client Overview The client is a pioneer in high-resolution 3-Dimensional printing systems enables manufacturers and industrial designers to reduce cost of product development cycles and...Read More

QualiTest’s Roaming Testing Cuts Cost by about Half and Saves Time

Client Overview The client is one of the largest mobile network operators and internet service providers in the U.K. and the largest 4G provider in...Read More