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Quality is Doomed without AI Driven Quality Engineering

Last week Qualitest acquired AlgoTrace, an advanced data science company that focuses on building AI and automated machine learning tools.Read More

Qualitest’s Neri Lavi Joins Healthcare Weekly Magazine’s Podcast to Discuss the Role of AI in the Future of Medical Device Testing

When it comes to medical devices, the risk involved in the quality assurance process are higher than any other test scenario. After all, a human...Read More

Breaking the Iron Triangle: Using AI to Make Quality an Outcome, Not a Compromise

By: Daniel Geater, AI Solution Set Lead for Qualitest GroupRead More

Quality Engineering, the roadmap to Optimal CX

Is your company ready to face the evolving needs of your customers? Are you prepared for 2020? The year customer experience will become the key...Read More

Open Source Concerns

Open source code saves time and costs, but risks must be managed to ensure it pays offRead More