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The QA job market is a killer, would you stand a chance?

A unique view into the ever-evolving software testing recruiting industry. Read More

When the quiet man in the corner became the DJ (or why testers will determine if DevOps really happens)

DevOps DJ

DevOps will streamline your IT, make your organisation responsive, break the chains of the IT department and make software testing a value generator instead of a resource drainer. Read more to find out how!Read More

5 Tips for a Great Crowd Testing Solution in Gaming

Crowd Testing Services

“If you are testing software that all kinds of strangers are going to use, then why not use a bunch of strangers to test it.” Paul Herzlich, a software-testing analyst at Ovum, an independent IT industry research institutionRead More

Hot Topics in Testing – MWC 15

Mobile Testing Services

Bryon Lowen, QualiTest UK VP of Telco, reports on the hottest trends that were encountered at 2015's Mobile World Congress, and the testing topics associated with these trends. Read More

Robotic Workplace: Death of the Human Employee

The past centuries have shown an enormous advance in technology, from landing on the moon to the advent of the internet. It has been exciting...Read More