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Improve Your Test Process, Improve your Life

Testing can sometimes become a troublesome and uncontrollable process. It can take more time and money than originally planned, and sometimes still offers insufficient insight into the quality of the test process. So what should we do?Read More

Achieving HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA Compliance

Becoming HIPAA-compliant has become required for healthcare businesses and those businesses that use personal patient health information (PHI). QualiTest's HIPAA Infograph discusses HIPAA compliance and the steps for achieving this goal. Read More

What ARE Software Requirements?

Requirements are the rules that make software possible; they’re the building blocks upon which software is developed. Not only do they keep developers on track...Read More

Software Bugs Really Bite

Software Testing Services

A small oversight during testing or programming can be a huge issue, particularly when it comes to the sensitive nature of client information. Here's a look at some of the top software bugs from the past few years. Read More

The Global Landscape: The Security of Outsourcing Data

QualiTest's blog discusses the risks of dealing with outsourced data, and how to ensure that this data will be safe.Read More