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In Agile, Quality Engineering is Queen

By: Michael Giacometti, AVP Solution Architect If Agile were a game of chess, communication would be king and Quality Engineering, queen.  Without communication, any Agile...Read More

Building a QMO: A Guide to QA Success

Quality Assurance organizational change efforts require multiple workstreams along strategic, tactical, and operational levels. Each of these efforts must be organized and executed like any...Read More

New York to NEW YOU: The 31/7 Odyssey

The book New York to NEW YOU by Qualitest’s Managing Director UK & Europe Manoj Gupta, fuses wellness with mindfulness in the stressed-out business and...Read More

Digital Transformation: How Organizations Can Evolve and Avoid Becoming Obsolete

By: Leandro Melendez, Performance Testing Manager Done ad-hoc, this task will require specialized knowledge, advanced coding skills, maintenance tasks that are hard to sustain, and...Read More

No Bad People: It Is How To Synchronize Them That Counts – Part 3

The latest ebook by Qualitest’s Chief Transformation Officer, Yoav Ziv, offers unique insights into improving team performance and understanding the impact of management methodology on...Read More