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Why Soft Launching Your App is Not a Great Idea

By Shmulik Moskowitz, SVP Learning & UX at QUALITEST Many companies soft launch their apps, but this practice is mainly a habit that is done...Read More

Breaking the Iron Triangle: Using AI to Make Quality an Outcome, Not a Compromise

By: Daniel Geater, AI Solution Set Lead for Qualitest GroupRead More

6 Steps to Creating User Stories to Improve QA in Agile and DevOps

In the days when waterfall reigned, developers would create reams of system requirements to guide software development efforts. These “spec docs” would often top 200+...Read More

The 4 pillars of good IoT user experience

Creating excellent UX in the IoT world can be a challenging job. It’s difficult to be able to cater to users’ needs in a seamless...Read More

The AI Conundrum: Are we ready for it?

By: Daniel Geater It’s been a long time since the first computer system was invented and introduced into the world. The first prototypes of computers...Read More