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Don’t Let Your DevOps Teams Become Victims of Groupthink

Collaboration works quickest with a lack of diverse views, but the results may lack the creativity that only comes when considering alternatives.Read More

DevOps: A Nursery Tale

DevOps, simplified, may be easy to bear ...Read More

Are Test Cases Dead?

Is it possible that test cases are dead?Read More

The Changing Role of a QA

QualiTest considers the traditional role of Manual QA in the ever developing world of Software Testing. How will the changing role of developers affect manual QA? Let's think about that for a moment.Read More

How to Test Big Data Systems

Big Data is perceived as a huge amount of data and information but it is a lot more than this. Big Data may be said to be a whole set of approach, tools and methods of processing large volumes of unstructured as well as structured data. The three parameters on which Big Data is defined i.e. Volume, Variety and Velocity describes how you have to process an enormous amount of data in different formats at different rates.Read More