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Using NFV? Tear Up Your Old Test Strategy

NFV Testing Services

The changes that will be required to perform NFV testing seem as though they will be drastic; but are they really? Read more to find out!Read More

Considerations for Distributed Testing With Selenium

Selenium Test Automation Services

Distributed testing with Selenium is implemented using Selenium Grid, a specific mode of Selenium server in which it acts as a hub for distributing Selenium tests to remote nodes. The details for establishing a hub and configuring nodes is well documented, but actually getting tests to execute with Selenium grid requires additional considerations. Here are some of the more important ones.Read More

To Automate or Not to Automate: That is the Question

Automated and Manual Testing

Do you want to find out if you should be automating your software testing? Find out here using our interactive tool!Read More

The Most Common Website Bugs

Curious about where the most bugs on websites are occurring? QualiTest has gathered information from the logs in their Quality Management Tool to learn more about bug trends.Read More

The Test Automation Pesticide Paradox

Test Automation Services

Just like farmers have to keep changing pesticides to ensure that bugs don't develop immunity, you should also change your automation focus. Read More