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How to test your Blaster

Your tender has been placed with the major suppliers for the next generation of blasters to equip your force with. Learn how the QTC Blaster Test Facility is able to verify that the products supplied are able to meet the tender specification. Read More

5 things I think about when work comes into the QualiTest Technology Centre

With each new customer engagement come differing challenges, but in order to get off on the right foot there are a number of fundamental things to consider before beginning work. Here's 5 points to think about for successful engagement.Read More

Testing your Lightsaber

You want to choose the light side, or the dark side, but before you can... you must test your lightsaber. Learn about how QualiTest would test this elegant weapon from a more civilized age.Read More

How to Explain Software Testing Automation at the Holiday Table

test automation

It can be difficult to explain the role of an automation software tester to your family and friends for a few reasons. But don't let that tongue-tie you! Being an automation software tester is awesome, and your family should know why! But everyone needs a bit of a different explanation to really understand it.Read More

Crowd Catcher: How to Take Control of the Crowd

By leveraging the crowd with your mobile application, you can improve the entire experience, maximize conversion and lower the abandonment rate. Crowd will assist with finding high value defects and improving business functionality. Read More