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Crowd Catcher: How to Take Control of the Crowd

By leveraging the crowd with your mobile application, you can improve the entire experience, maximize conversion and lower the abandonment rate. Crowd will assist with finding high value defects and improving business functionality. Read More

Tech trends that have changed the way we test software

With a rapid influx of new technologies and a continuously evolving industry, there is a demand for shorter time to market. Keep reading to see what the trends show to be the answer to solve this challenge.Read More

Bashing the Myth of the Lonely Tester

How much fun did QualiTest have at Test Bash? ALL the fun. Read on to find out why!Read More

Memoirs of Selenium Conference 2015

Selenium Testing Services

Curious to know how the Selenium Conference 2015 went, and what was discussed? Find out here!Read More

DevOps- The Evolution of Agile

DevOps Meetup

The role of the tester is more important than ever as environments and applications are becoming ever more complex. We must test as we go and we must support this through the use of tools as they act as the control panel in our delivery.Read More