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Online Shopping: Taking a Load off your Back

load testing

During the holiday season, shoppers flock to online websites to perform their holiday shopping. What a lot of websites don't realize is that they must perform adequate testing in order to insure that the site can handle the larger traffic generation. Read More

Think like a Leader, Become a Leader

Software Testing Thought Leadership

Jack from QualiTest UK discusses the amazing time and the thought-provoking lessons he learned at EuroStar in this week's blog. Read More

6 Reasons that Developers fail as Software Testers

Software testing is more than just a job to some; it’s a lifestyle. However, a question that seems to be asked frequently is, “Why can’t...Read More

Are Bugs Killing Social Networking?

When Facebook went down for 2.5 hours in June 2014, many instances were recorded where users immediately rushed over to Twitter. Chris Brogan, a social...Read More

7 Reasons Why We love Software Testing – And You Should Too!

Due to the growth of existing projects, the gain of new projects and the subsequent expansion of the company, QualiTest has been performing numerous interviews...Read More