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Putting the Unique Talents of People with Autism to Work

Alex Matthews, Qualcomm Institute.

Photo courtesy of Alex Matthews, Qualcomm Institute “What makes someone different isn’t always a limitation… sometimes that thing that sets us apart, uniquely equips us...Read More

Help Shape the Future of Quality, Take the 2019 State of Testing Survey

It’s that time of year again! Time to add your input into the annual State of Testing survey conducted by PractiTest in collaboration with Qualitest...Read More

August in Bug/Virus/Breach

Viruses and bugs have a long lasting relationship with humans. Some make them sick, some make them helpless. Imagine your laptop running into a virus...Read More

Technology used in FIFA and the Importance of Testing

World Cup technology is first-class, so enjoy the games!Read More

Infographic: Unlock the Mystery of Stuxnet

This mystery worm is a 100% coded weapon programmed to target the disruption of a nuclear plant. Read More