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New Testing Show Podcast – Identifying Testing Talent and Being the Testing Talent

For hiring managers, getting your recruitment metrics right when hiring testing talent to fit into a specific job role can be tricky. You need to...Read More

New Testing Show Podcast: Agile Testing—From DevOps to Continuous Delivery

Is your organization truly Agile, or is it stuck in the state of Scrummerfall—going through Agile-prescribed motions but not really moving out of a mini-waterfall...Read More

New Testing Show Podcast: Cyber Security – The Need for a Paradigm Shift

To continue offering value to their customers, cyber security professionals must adapt to the ever-changing technological landscape. Despite that, we’re still not seeing a major...Read More

New Testing Show Podcast: Test Coverage – An Expert Evaluation

Test coverage, apart from being a crucial factor in software maintenance, indicates software quality. It acts as a metric for measuring the quantity of testing...Read More

The Qualitest QHackers Event– A Testing Hackathon to Remember

As the world’s most customer-centric and innovative software testing company, Qualitest actively participates, hosts and sponsors many events related to software testing around the globe....Read More