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From weightlifting, to building strong teams

He won weightlifting competitions, founded a technological start-up company, was one of the founders of the first escape rooms in Israel and is now on...

He won weightlifting competitions, founded a technological start-up company, was one of the founders of the first escape rooms in Israel and is now on his way to establishing a new sports association. And yes, he has enough time on his schedule to lead a growing team of quality engineers at Qualitest. Meet Anton Dekhtiar, the Super Tester.

Anton Dekhtiar maintains high concentration and thinks only of how to get the best result, despite the physical effort and the small voice in his head that calls him to give up every second. Only after he puts the weights on the floor and looks into the referee’s eyes does he realize that he has won the kettlebell competition.

The ability to cope with great challenges, not lose focus under pressure and persevere with endless determination has summed up Anton’s growth path every step of the way.


Anton, married with one child, has served as head of the Qualitest testing team for the last 18 months. During this time he has led a wide range of high profile projects with a major global technology brand.

Why did you join Qualitest?

I wanted to work for a leading global company that makes a difference, and this is the essence of Qualitest. In addition, one of the things that helped me make the decision is the recruitment process. After my first day, I felt I found a home. At that point, I knew for sure I made the right decision.

Where did you work before?

I had my own business for two years, and before that, I worked for five years developing systems for smart homes.

What keeps you excited about working at Qualitest?

The opportunity to lead teams and projects for some of the most innovative brands in the world. As soon as I showed my abilities and achieved my first achievements I was given the opportunity to become a team leader. It is important to be in a workplace that knows how to recognize and nurture talented, enthusiastic employees.

What new technologies have recently learned and adopted?

I am a big believer that learning is a lifelong process. I try to instill that in my teams and I also try to set an example myself.  For example,  at the moment I’m working a lot with the Python programming language. I had no prior experience with Python, but now, after learning this language at Qualitest I feel very comfortable with it. In addition, I have experienced many new technologies that, for reasons of confidentiality, I can’t tell about.

What do you think about the testing future?

I believe that a tech company that does not have a high caliber software testing team will build products slower and with more defects than a team with quality assurance  professionals. For example, I believe that with better QA testing, Israeli first spacecraft (Bereshit), would not have crashed on the moon.

What do people not know about you?

Despite competing with experienced and well-known kettlebell weightlifters, I recently won first place in  regional competition. My last winnings gave me the drive to establish the Israeli Kettlebell Association. I believe that in my power to raise awareness to kettlebell advantages and help newcomers in their first steps.”

Also, not a lot of Qualitisters know that I was one of the founders of the first escape room in Israel, and it was an extraordinary experience that created a big echo everywhere in Israel back then.

Another thing people do not know about me is that at my free time I’m working on a smart city start-up that helps to find parking spots quickly and comfortably.

Where do you see your future?

I’m enjoying every moment at Quailtest and look forward to continue nurturing talent and helping others become the best they can be.


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