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Meet Peter Donohoe – The Empathetic Family Man

Peter Donohoe, Qualitest’s Lead Test Engineer from the UK, draws motivation from his close-knit family of four. Apart from being a doting father, Peter embodies a calm, thoughtful and balanced personality of someone who is always ready to walk a mile in another person’s shoes. Characterized by a nuanced perspective, Peter’s strength lies in his empathetic soul.

Technical expertise

Peter’s expertise lies in ePOS, merchandising and card payments in a retail environment. He thoroughly loves what he does and possesses ten years of experience testing retail store solutions, including most web and payment interfaces.

“I helped deliver ground up ePOS solutions for many major retailers, knowing how they work, the areas of weakness and full integration. Someone suggested that I could test ePOS in my sleep. That is

mainly the reason for joining Qualitest; I wanted to be challenged,” Peter says.

When in school, Peter studied Computer Skills on old BBC B computers.

“While in school I enjoyed understanding how things did what they did,” he says about his love for programming. “So, Computer Skills was more focused on inputting some basic commands and the computer presenting something at the end. I liked that.”

Software Testing and His Journey with Qualitest

Peter was working as an asset manager when he discovered that software testing was something he was meant to do, when his mentor explained to him the job of a test analyst.

“This was alien to me. My professional life at that point had been working at a Holiday Camp and in a record shop. She explained what it was and immediately, for me, that sounded like the job I was meant to do,” he says.

Peter’s love for problem-solving, order and understanding the “what and why” of something makes software testing the perfect career choice for him.

About his experience with Qualitest as a software tester, he says, “Qualitest allows me to learn with each consultancy, be it insurance, mortgages or utilities. Each client engagement makes sure that a new set of skills is grasped. New tools, new people, new ways of working. If you are not a confident person or are fairly new to being a Software Tester, you learn so much and you have the experience to call on.”

One of the perks of being a software tester, Peter says, is that you are always that person people believe can resolve issues for them.
“From parents having issues with their laptop, relatives installing a new computer, or even friends wanting you to fully test their brand-new commerce website. These perks make you an all-round IT consultant working for an extremely reduced rate,” he adds.

Other advantages of a software tester, according to Peter, are experience and the capability to understand the Software Development Life Cycle.

Message for the future testers

For future aspirants of software testing, he says, “If you are interested in QA, it’s a great career to be in. Appreciate that QA is a tug of war, you have the project on one side pulling to bring everything into their timescales, the developer releasing code that they believe is without blemish and right first time, and on the other is QA, working to meet those deadlines but often is the bearer of bad news. You will work to tight deliveries, that is important, the focus is always delivering to the client, on time and budget.”

Peter also emphasizes the importance of focusing on quality and delivering the very best to the stakeholder.

“Even if testing is not your end career goal, it allows you to see the perspective and potential pitfalls of the SDLC. From project to development, you see it all and it allows you get a view of the entire lifecycle,” Peter adds.

Life beyond testing

When he’s not busy finding software glitches, you’ll probably find Peter listening to Johnny Cash. Peter is a hardcore lover of country music and possesses a diverse yet vast collection of records and CDs. Music runs through his vein and he’s been a fan of Johnny Cash since his childhood. He has even started collecting every album Johnny Cash has made.

Peter also loves reading biographies and some of his favorites include, Cash by Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings Autobiography or The Dirt by Motley Crue. He loves listening to podcasts too, and says, “I have been a regular listener to the Five Hundy By Midnight podcast for over 10 years. I have a love of Las Vegas and that podcast has helped with that.”