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This Past Week in Glitches

Let's have a look at last week's glitches from across the internetRead More

Why We Make Our Computers Vulnerable, Welcoming WannaCry

With the WannaCry virus affecting many, why are so many systems vulnerable?Read More

How to Test Your Death Star Library Archive System by Rana Dey

Today Rana Dey dives into the Star Wars universe and considers how you would test the Death Star Library Archive System. May the Fourth be with you!Read More

Test Bash Brighton 2017

Seven QualiTesters set out on a journey to Test Bash in Brighton, England. Read on for more.Read More

3 Things I Learned at My First QA Job

Looking back, I'd like to share the lessons I learned at my first QA job. Maybe you'll see some similar experiences or learn a thing or two, you're welcome to share!Read More