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Podcast: Insights Into a Successful Career in Software Testing

There are misconceptions around software testing, its role and its relationship with development. Can anyone become a software testing engineer? What are the traits and...Read More

The recipe for leadership

Shay Balmas (35) started out as a Qualitester two years ago. He didn't imagine that after six months in Qualitest, he would manage dozens of employees and lead a huge project done in collaboration with one of the world's largest companies in the chip industry. "Qualitest believed in me and gave me the reins, and I returned with a project that draws compliments from the client".Read More

FinTech Requires the Best. My Team Has What It Takes

Ofir Shalom has creative ways to motivate his staff. As a senior manager that started his career as a QA tester and today manages over 150 Qualitesters in one of Israel's industry largest Fintech projects, he talks about the importance of Fintech quality assurance, how to manage large teams and the Qualitesters who must deal with a manager who loves to play the saxophone in his office.Read More

Breaking the Iron Triangle: Using AI to Make Quality an Outcome, Not a Compromise

By: Daniel Geater, AI Solution Set Lead for Qualitest GroupRead More

Accelerate Your SAP S/4HANA Deployment with Qualitest

Understanding the process that is involved in transitioning to the SAP S/4 HANA suite is essential. Whether you’re upgrading your current SAP solution or you’re...Read More