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Putting the Unique Talents of People with Autism to Work

Alex Matthews, Qualcomm Institute.

Photo courtesy of Alex Matthews, Qualcomm Institute “What makes someone different isn’t always a limitation… sometimes that thing that sets us apart, uniquely equips us...Read More

Quality Engineering, the roadmap to Optimal CX

Is your company ready to face the evolving needs of your customers? Are you prepared for 2020? The year customer experience will become the key...Read More

Qualitest Plans to Boost its Cyber Security Workforce with 100 New Recruits

The new Qualitest cyber security division will provide cyber security services as an integral part of the software testing process. Qualitest, the world’s leading pure-play...Read More

The AI Conundrum: Are we ready for it?

By: Daniel Geater It’s been a long time since the first computer system was invented and introduced into the world. The first prototypes of computers...Read More

Tali Shem Tov on Gaming, Cyber, AI and 5G: The Next Growth Areas for Qualitest

Tali Shem Tov, MD at Qualitest Israel, recently spoke about some of the future focus areas of Qualitest in an exclusive interview with TechTime  An english...Read More