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Considerations for Distributed Testing With Selenium

Selenium Test Automation Services

Distributed testing with Selenium is implemented using Selenium Grid, a specific mode of Selenium server in which it acts as a hub for distributing Selenium tests to remote nodes. The details for establishing a hub and configuring nodes is well documented, but actually getting tests to execute with Selenium grid requires additional considerations. Here are some of the more important ones.Read More

To Automate or Not to Automate: That is the Question

Automated and Manual Testing

Do you want to find out if you should be automating your software testing? Find out here using our interactive tool!Read More

When the quiet man in the corner became the DJ (or why testers will determine if DevOps really happens)

DevOps DJ

DevOps will streamline your IT, make your organisation responsive, break the chains of the IT department and make software testing a value generator instead of a resource drainer. Read more to find out how!Read More

Elements of Software Testing

You may know about the Periodic Table of the Elements, but what about the Periodic Table of Software Testing?Read More

DevOps- The Evolution of Agile

DevOps Meetup

The role of the tester is more important than ever as environments and applications are becoming ever more complex. We must test as we go and we must support this through the use of tools as they act as the control panel in our delivery.Read More