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Avoiding Roaming Holiday Nightmares

Mobile roaming is a key growth area for operators, with increasing demand for connectivity and quality of service while roaming abroad. So with the holidays approaching, how does one dare test roaming in the real world? Well, the answer is two-fold. Read More

Testing in the Cloud

This guest post by TestObject discusses how testing in the cloud not only solves issues that today's testers and QA teams face, but also allows to build an effective app testing platform to prevent further issues. Read More

Use Test to manage and measure your Technical Debt

“Technical Debt” is a term that has been used for some years now to define the amount of unwanted issues that are knowingly placed into the live environment. Testing is in a brilliant position to be able to not only identify the problems but to put an estimate on the cost of resolving these issues in the future.Read More

Mobile is everything – MWC16

Bryon Lowen, VP Telco at QualiTest reports on the key innovations and testing trends observed from Mobile World Congress 2016. Read More

How to test your Blaster

Your tender has been placed with the major suppliers for the next generation of blasters to equip your force with. Learn how the QTC Blaster Test Facility is able to verify that the products supplied are able to meet the tender specification. Read More