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Insufficiently Tested Software Kills Companies

During the last couple of weeks, the technological and banking world has been abuzz with news about the downfall of Mt. Gox, a website dedicated...Read More

Directing the NFV Orchestra through MANO testing

NFV testing services

Management and Orchestration (MANO) is the framework that evaluates all resources in the cloud data center, including computing, networking, storage and virtual machine (VM) resources, prior to Virtual Networking Functions (VNF) migration. This framework allows flexible on-boarding, and avoiding the hassles associated with the rapid ramp-up of network components.Read More

Constructing Test Environments in NFV Software Testing

NFV Software Testing Services

NFV will allow far greater flexibility with environments, allowing a vast variety of environments to be spun up quickly. While this will entail its own challenges with ensuring that the environment is baselined correctly and reflective of the required environment, the gains will be immense.Read More

Pivoting your Skills for NFV Software Testing

NFV Software Testing Services

NFV migration will require a change in the testing of network functions. Software testers will be required to have more of a focus around an expertise in virtual networking, coding and technical skills.Read More

The Flow of Product Quality

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I am excited to announce an initiative in QualiTest US to take greater strides in the software testing community, where we start to participate in more...Read More