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Regulatory Software Testing

Many industries facing government-mandated software testing Regulations testing is something many new products must undergo, and the more important the products are, the more testing...Read More

Agile Testing and Exploratory Testing

Complementary Methodologies Exploratory testing, as defined by Cem Kaner, is comprised of simultaneous learning, test design, and test execution. That is, as Kaner says, “the...Read More

Computing in the Clouds

Software Testing and Cloud Computing Without a doubt, cloud computing is on the rise, with many claiming it’s the future of the IT industry. As...Read More

Testing the PRISM program for the NSA

QualiTest can neither confirm nor deny any potential involvement we may have had with any level of testing for the PRISM program in use by...Read More

What is the future of software testing??

A new company and a new blog! I’ve been invited, since joining QualiTest at the start of the year, to be the guest blogger for...Read More