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DevOps- The Evolution of Agile

DevOps Meetup

The role of the tester is more important than ever as environments and applications are becoming ever more complex. We must test as we go and we must support this through the use of tools as they act as the control panel in our delivery.Read More

The Most Common Website Bugs

Curious about where the most bugs on websites are occurring? QualiTest has gathered information from the logs in their Quality Management Tool to learn more about bug trends.Read More

DevOps – More than a 20 year cycle


Grant Obermaier, CEO QualiTest UK, discusses the history of software development, the future of DevOps, and where the two will converge. Read More

5 Tips for a Great Crowd Testing Solution in Gaming

Crowd Testing Services

“If you are testing software that all kinds of strangers are going to use, then why not use a bunch of strangers to test it.” Paul Herzlich, a software-testing analyst at Ovum, an independent IT industry research institutionRead More

Testing the Payphone of Tomorrow

Software Testing Services

QualiTest discusses LinkNYC, the challenges associated with testing this technology, and where we think we could help!Read More