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New Testing Show Podcast: Test Coverage – An Expert Evaluation

Test coverage, apart from being a crucial factor in software maintenance, indicates software quality. It acts as a metric for measuring the quantity of testing...Read More

Quality is Doomed without AI Driven Quality Engineering

Last week Qualitest acquired AlgoTrace, an advanced data science company that focuses on building AI and automated machine learning tools.Read More

The Art of Nurturing the Natural Best

Hardik Parekh came on board when Orasi Software Inc became a part of Qualitest in July 2018. It was just a matter of a few...Read More

The Qualitest QHackers Event– A Testing Hackathon to Remember

As the world’s most customer-centric and innovative software testing company, Qualitest actively participates, hosts and sponsors many events related to software testing around the globe....Read More

Cyber Security – Are We Doing It Wrong?

Cyber Security Needs a Paradigm Shift Now Read More