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How to Build a Winning Test Team

Building a Test Team

To retain good quality testers within our test teams, we must spend time developing the people side of test management. This can be achieved by promoting the importance of testing, emphasizing a career future for testers, and recognizing your team’s strengths and weaknesses.Read More

Improve Your Test Process, Improve your Life

Testing can sometimes become a troublesome and uncontrollable process. It can take more time and money than originally planned, and sometimes still offers insufficient insight into the quality of the test process. So what should we do?Read More

Online Shopping: Taking a Load off your Back

load testing

During the holiday season, shoppers flock to online websites to perform their holiday shopping. What a lot of websites don't realize is that they must perform adequate testing in order to insure that the site can handle the larger traffic generation. Read More

Think like a Leader, Become a Leader

Software Testing Thought Leadership

Jack from QualiTest UK discusses the amazing time and the thought-provoking lessons he learned at EuroStar in this week's blog. Read More

Achieving HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA Compliance

Becoming HIPAA-compliant has become required for healthcare businesses and those businesses that use personal patient health information (PHI). QualiTest's HIPAA Infograph discusses HIPAA compliance and the steps for achieving this goal. Read More