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“Failure is one of the best things that ever happened to me”

The path from one failure in the IDF to great success in one of the largest chip companies in the world. Up until the moment...Read More

Tamir Noah: The QA Gamer

Tamir Noah is one of the most skilled gamers in Israel, with tens of thousands of cumulative gaming hours. So how does he channel his special talent to be an amazing QA tester?Read More

Why the COVID-19 outbreak will expedite digital transformation in organizations

Will the COVID-19 crisis be an opportunity for organizations to change the way they operate for the better? Can companies really embrace change and enter the digital domain even for processes that have traditionally remained offline?Read More

Why Soft Launching Your App is Not a Great Idea

By Shmulik Moskowitz, SVP Learning & UX at QUALITEST Many companies soft launch their apps, but this practice is mainly a habit that is done...Read More

New Testing Show Podcast – Identifying Testing Talent and Being the Testing Talent

For hiring managers, getting your recruitment metrics right when hiring testing talent to fit into a specific job role can be tricky. You need to...Read More