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Why Soft Launching Your App is Not a Great Idea

By Shmulik Moskowitz, SVP Learning & UX at QUALITEST Many companies soft launch their apps, but this practice is mainly a habit that is done...Read More

New Testing Show Podcast – Identifying Testing Talent and Being the Testing Talent

For hiring managers, getting your recruitment metrics right when hiring testing talent to fit into a specific job role can be tricky. You need to...Read More

Converting to SAP S/4HANA? Don’t Neglect These 8 Crucial Questions

When facing what must be one of the biggest transformational endeavors your organization will undertake, you need to make sure you dot all the i’s...Read More

New Testing Show Podcast: Agile Testing—From DevOps to Continuous Delivery

Is your organization truly Agile, or is it stuck in the state of Scrummerfall—going through Agile-prescribed motions but not really moving out of a mini-waterfall...Read More

New Testing Show Podcast: Cyber Security – The Need for a Paradigm Shift

To continue offering value to their customers, cyber security professionals must adapt to the ever-changing technological landscape. Despite that, we’re still not seeing a major...Read More