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Reduce Testing Time by Designing for Testability

The earlier bugs are found, the cheaper they are to fix. Everyone in the software industry (or in the IT industry in general, or who...Read More

Quality Control and Big Data

The tech industry has been abuzz about big data lately; everyone from the medical industry to the government of China has been tapping into it...Read More

Death to the Password: The Rise of Multi-Factor Authentication

What’s replacing our passwords, and is it actually better? We’ve all been told for years what makes a good password: at least eight characters made...Read More

Unexpected Bug has Less-Than-Pleasant Offline Consequences

As testers, we all know that bugs can have some weird consequences, but what we witnessed this week was like nothing we’ve ever encountered in...Read More

Security Threats and Google Glass

QualiTest discusses Google Glass and the challenges of security testing with this new technology.Read More