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7 Reasons Why We love Software Testing – And You Should Too!

Due to the growth of existing projects, the gain of new projects and the subsequent expansion of the company, QualiTest has been performing numerous interviews...

Due to the growth of existing projects, the gain of new projects and the subsequent expansion of the company, QualiTest has been performing numerous interviews lately to hire new employees. One of our favorite interview questions is, “Why do you like software testing?” Although some interviewees admit that they don’t really have a good reason for liking software testing, others impressed us with their insights into the innovation and challenges that are provided by testing. Here are a couple of reasons why we love software testing.

1. We love Software Testing because It Challenges Us

Because every feature and every project provides different testing problems, there is never a straightforward, “one size fits all” testing solution. Some of the most fun we have in software testing is in finding the best possible testing strategy, tool and execution. Software testing is about looking at product from different angles, with different perspectives and testing it with different expectations. It is not always easy to develop the right mind set and test the product from different aspects.

2. We love Software Testing because It is Satisfying

Resolving issues in Software Testing is like doing a puzzle – it’s completely frustrating until you find the correct piece! By finding and tracking bugs and developing ideas for improvement, you are contributing towards the betterment of the product, solving issues and perfecting methodologies for the project. Solving problems in Software Testing can be one of the most satisfying jobs.

3. We love Software Testing because It is Complex

Comprehending and testing products, while considering factors like functionality, performance, security and many others, is a multi-faceted and complex task. Furthermore, the intricacies due to mobile applications has exponentially complicated the testing of software. One of a software tester’s biggest challenges resides in understanding the vast range of devices available and checking the application’s behavior in terms of response time and usability.

4. We love Software Testing because It Improves Quality

Software Testing is about more than just making sure that the program works. The ultimate purpose of software testing is not to find bugs, but to make the product superior. As a tester, you are contributing to improvements of the product’s quality, and therefore playing an important role in a company.

5. We love Software Testing because We can Critique Other People’s Work

A (healthy) critical attitude is an asset when it comes to software testing. If you like to find faults in others’ work, software testing is the job for you. However, it is always important to remember that this attitude should be limited to work and should not affect your relation with colleagues and personal life.

6. We love Software testing because It is about Understanding the Customer

A good software tester is the person who studies the market and understands the latest trends, comprehends what the customer wants, provides relevant information to the client, who interprets how important the product is for the customer and ultimately who can think like the customer and work on the product.

7. We love Software Testing because We Learn Quickly and Implement New Ideas

Because software testers experience challenges every day, they have to stretch your mind to understand a product’s functionality and general behavior, to improve analysis power, to learn new tools and to implement the learning in real life. What is even more critical than understanding is innovation, the generation of new ideas, and being able to comprehend the big picture.


NOTE: We were inspired by the content from this article  at www.softwaretestinghelp.com.