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The Qualitest QHackers Event– A Testing Hackathon to Remember

As the world’s most customer-centric and innovative software testing company, Qualitest actively participates, hosts and sponsors many events related to software testing around the globe....

As the world’s most customer-centric and innovative software testing company, Qualitest actively participates, hosts and sponsors many events related to software testing around the globe. With quality assurance as our driving force, we collaborated with The Test Tribe, one of India’s fastest growing software testing communities, to organize a testing hackathon – QHackers.

What’s QHackers?

QHackers was organized with the objective to bring together all the passionate software testers in Bangalore and involve them in an engaging bug-hunt. This was a one of a kind event and was among the biggest testing hackathons conducted in the city so far. However, the most interesting part was that the best bug finders got a chance to win exciting and rewarding prizes.

The Event Was Great Fun

Testers racking their brains to find the best bugs

November 10th, the event day, was not at all like a lazy Sunday morning. Participants started coming in way ahead of the scheduled time, and we could already feel the enthusiasm. We were delighted to have a full house of 100+ participants beaming with passion!

The event kicked off on time with a welcome address by Paras Pundir, an active community advisor for The Test Tribe.

Paras was followed by Sanjay Prabhu, Vice President of Delivery at Qualitest. Sanjay introduced Qualitest and familiarized the crowd with our services and future objectives.

Following Sanjay’s address, Mahesh Chikane, Founder of The Test Tribe acquainted everyone with The Test Tribe community. Mahesh also briefed the participants about the event format and schedule.

Mahesh’s address was followed by an introduction about the three apps that were to be tested and identified for bugs, which included:

  • QUALICOACH by Qualitest – Dayasagar Siddapura, Vice President of Knowledge & Innovation, provided a brief about the tool.
  • Younify by Younify Applications – Harinath Devineni, Tech Lead Engineering at Younify Applications explained about the application.
  • Delta Exchange by 100x Technologies – The participants were briefed about the application through a video conference by the Delta Exchange team.

Post-lunch the participants were all geared up and they got engrossed with doing bug detection for the next four and a half hours. At the end of the session, more than 1,200 bugs were detected overall!

After a refreshments break, the contestants were addressed by Rajeev Vijayan, MD at Qualitest India and they were provided with some valuable insights into quality engineering.

Finally breaking all anxiety and eagerness, the winning teams were declared, and the prizes were handed over, leaving everyone happy (but some more than others).

The Champions

The 1st Prize Winner of QUALICOACH

Though the energy and passion were quite high among all the participants, some outshone the others to win the rewards away.

  • Bugs Wizards, BreakingDown and Avengers won the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes for QUALICOACH respectively
  • For Younify, the winning teams in order of 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes, included Buggiti, Slayers and Testbees
  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize winners for Delta Exchange were, PseudoMoolyans, Coderhammer and Bug Buzzers respectively

We had also arranged for some smaller prizes, which included a prize each for: the best bug, the best suggestion and a social media contest.

Rajeev Vijayan, Managing Director at Qualitest India said, “It was great to see so many people from the testing community come together and participate in this event so enthusiastically.”

Team Qualitest at QHackers

The event was an enriching experience for the participants and the organizers alike. It was an excellent platform to network, learn and take back something positive.

About The Test Tribe

With an aim to co-create testers who are “Smarter, Prouder and Confident”, The Test Tribe is a community of software testers, that provide online as well as offline platforms for software testers to “Collaborate, Learn, and Grow” together. Founded in 2018, The Test Tribe has already conducted more than 80 events successfully, in several locations across India.