ERP Testing

ERP Testing

It can be difficult to successfully integrated ERP services amongst your departments and network sites, as well as successfully satisfying all of your application requirements. QualiTest’s  productive streamline integration efforts allow you to efficiently manage your testing budget, while knowing that both a quality service and a quality system will be delivered.

ERP Testing Deliverables

  • A complete system breakdown, detailing your system’s structure and how we plan to test it.
  • Performance of the QualiTest ERP Testing Model, using the best tools and approach applicable for each area
  • A comprehensive defect report exhibits the details about each bug, its severity, location and much more.
  • Support is provided from a QualiTest senior test specialist to improve quality and incite continuous improvement.
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We have been very impressed with QualiTest and your valuable contribution to our project. As you know the project that we have undertaken is unusual and as such there is very little in the way of benchmarks, documentation or references, made worse by the complexity of replacing an existing ERP system. QualiTest picked up on this and produced documentation explaining the delta between the two systems, very quickly mastered the complexity and was able to form meaningful tests which provided a much greater insight into our new system.

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ERP Testing: Main Implementation Challenges

QualiTest’s vast experience with testing ERP systems has allowed us to build a profound ERP testing knowledge base. We’ve pinpointed the main challenges in the ERP testing process, allowing our testers to more efficiently locate defects while focusing on the most crucial parts of the system. The following displays examples of the main ERP implementation challenges and testing procedures.

  • Cross Vertical

No matter what your industry, the challenges in an ERP rollout tend to be the same. Our professionals have a wide range of experience from defense, banking and finance, medical devices, telecommunications and more. Our industry experience provides excellent synergy and insight into overcoming challenges.

  • Enterprise Wide Deployment

ERP systems require a robust system that is capable of handling data from any department, including operations, development, marketing, sales and manufacturing, HR, accounting, distribution, inventory management, and finance. QualiTest has established testing procedures for managing these different areas.

  • Integration

Amalgamating an ERP’s component systems is one of the most difficult tasks faced by an ERP project manager. QualiTest’s skilled professionals have a wide range of experience with ERP applications and custom modules for your ERP system. We’re familiar with the low level protocols and network interactions, allowing us to directly confront the trouble spots, resolving issues early and keeping the total cost down.

  • Access Control

With a diversity of end user types, an ERP’s user role and permission testing is a critical stage in ERP development. Our business process driven testing allows for a harmonious integration into access control and security for your new system.

  • Performance, Stress and Load Testing

QualiTest’s experienced Stress and Load Testing professionals ensure that your system is comprehensively vetted, ensuring that your system will run smoothly when live production happens.

  • Configuration

Most ERP systems are designed to be deployed off the shelf. Unfortunately, an organization can rarely accommodate the system without modification. As your ERP develops, there will inevitably be configuration issues.

  • Extensions

Typically an organization will want to extend their ERP’s functionality by integrating third party software and platforms such as scanners or data capture. Each new extension represents a potential point of failure, and therefore requires testing.

  • Data Conversion, Migration, and Integrity

As your critical information moves to your new ERP, data integrity could be compromised or lost. Data verification and validation must be performed.

  • Global Reach

A true ERP will extend from internal networks to remote employees, then to cloud databases, SaaS and PaaS integrations, mobile apps and more. Our comprehensive approach to testing leaves no area untested.

  • System Continuity

Organizations must plan for the risk that inevitably a complex system will have failures. Unfortunately, a significant amount of organizations fail to build out such a plan.

  • Sub-system Testing

A large amount of what happens in an ERP happens in internal systems. Our experienced professionals have been trained to locate the errors that will occur in network communication and software.

  • System Testing

Taking a comprehensive approach to system testing, verifying that all requirements (business and technical) are met.

  • Interface Testing

Testing all possible interactions with the ERP interfaces, cross-tested to user roles and departmental functionality.

  • Data Warehouse (DWS) Testing

Testing your new unified data warehouse is a challenge to be sure, but critical to the business process. Verifying correct behavior, input/outputs, and storage integrity and backups is essential to the success of an ERP project.

  • Extraction Transformation Load (ETL) Testing

By integrating divergent legacy business systems, an ERP system seeks to harmoniously unite your business. Unfortunately, legacy systems all store data in slightly different ways. This process of extracting and transforming the data into a single unified structure is one of the most critical undertakings of any ERP deployment.

  • Output Reporting Verification

Unit testing data flow throughout the system is compared to the output from the system to verify the correct data.

  • E-commerce Compliance Testing

Most ERPs have a finance/sales facing component, subject to a number of regulations like PCI. Our professionals will make sure your system is compliant.

  • Security

QualiTest offers a wide range of testing methodologies and tool suites to test your system and bring you peace of mind.

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Benefits of Utilizing QualiTest ERP Testing Practices

Independent Testing – By working with QualiTest’s unbiased test professionals, you can be certain that we leave politics at the door; our only concern is finding the problems.
Collaboration – Our testing experts ensure that your employees don’t need to be burdened in making sure the system works. Instead, we have our testers work closely with the end user, so that we know that the system works for them.
Lower Cost – Testing early frequently reduces Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
Cross Team Testing – Understanding that an ERP system joins an entire organization, our novel approach of testing the business process across the company’s workflow allows for a much more targeted approach to testing.
Disaster Planning – As testing professionals, we are experienced with system failure and mitigation. Leveraging our experience can ensure that your information is safe.
Process/Scenario Driven Testing – Our approach to ERP testing is holistic and systemic. We pride ourselves on our test cases matching actual business flows, not merely testing for requirement verification. With this approach, we test the day to day workflows of your employees, ensuring that when live production happens, they’ll be able to perform their responsibilities.
Test AutomationTest Automation has been proven to be one of the best ROIs on a testing dollar. By employing QualiTest early in your project, we can develop automated tests throughout your system to instantaneously assure that your system is functioning correctly.