SAP Testing

SAP Testing

SAP testing and quality control can be difficult.  QualiTest with its SAP Test Center can improve knowledge transfer from key-users and collaboration in your SAP testing to reduce your testing efforts.

What is SAP?

ERP is at the software heart of business process management, automating many back office functions through a single database, app and UI.  SAP is the world’s leading provider of ERP solutions which consist of modules customized to specific departmental functions, industries and technologies.  SAP modules extend beyond the basic back-office, to middle office (CRM and SRM) and front office with digital customer-facing front ends (such as Hybris for EComm).

The Risks

Whether you are a new SAP customer seeking an initial install or an existing SAP user concerned about your next module upgrade, you have no doubt heard or experienced horror stories of slow or problematic.  You need a solution where experts already versed in a module’s logical department details for rapid ramp up, and get all the details right for a smooth transition in your digital transformation.  SAP systems are very large and complex, and “doing it right”, “doing it on-time” and “doing it on-budget” are tough promises for a CIO to make.

Complexity increases when adding in SAP HANA Cloud (testing is more lengthy and upgrade dates may be more mandated by SAP), ensuring performance and scalability (not just functionality), switching to newer methodologies like Devops or Evergreen, optimizing use of Big Data, and integrating mobile into the solution.

The QualiTest Solution

At QualiTest, our SAP efforts are engineered through one of our recent acquisitions, Experior Group, the only SAP certified partner in the UK dedicated to testing.  The secret is going in with a lean team who already know the office functions connected to the modules you need who can work with your team for the accelerated change you crave for a smooth transition that will create a great user experience.

Key Benefits of SAP testing with QualiTest include:

  • Cloud hosting of SAP testing tools
  • Private or public cloud
  • Scalability to meet your testing demands
  • Full SaaS solution via SAP Partner Managed Cloud
  • Less than 24 hours to activate a live system
  • Library of >225 reusable test script components across core SAP modules include BI specific scenarios covering functional and performance testing, cutting testing time on average by 40%

Perhaps one of these examples of our SAP work will best demonstrate our capabilities of what we can do to assist with your SAP needs:

Government agency concerns: shrinking timescales and budgets, increasing compliance, Agile principles, a need to reduce incidents past go-live

Twinings concerns: Expanding SAP from UK to global, timelines and expertise needs beyond in-house IT abilities

Utility company concerns: Scalability, performance, compliance issues, mobile support for field-working contractors, flexible operating model

Woodworking/kitchen installer concerns: SAP upgrade for new functionality after no SAP upgrades for over 10 years

Healthcare provider concerns: Initial installation, better compliance, cost control, rising service expectations