SAP Testing

SAP Testing

SAP testing and quality control can be difficult.  QualiTest with its SAP Test Center can improve knowledge transfer from key-users and collaboration in your SAP testing to reduce your testing efforts.

SAP Testing with PQS™ through QualiTest and CloudQuality™

QualiTest improves SAP testing and quality by partnering with Panaya to utilize PQS™, an innovative comprehensive solution, at a SAP Testing Center of Excellence to deliver better results on a lower budget, while requiring less involvement from your Key Users.

QualiTest has joined forces to deliver an innovative SAP Software Quality and Testing solution. QualiTest’s SAP Testing Center of Excellence, delivered on the Panaya CloudQuality™ platform, simplifies testing activities of your SAP testing operation with full visibility and control.

Knowledge Transfer – free up your key users

Transfer business process knowledge easily between Key Users, Super Users and SAP Testers by using advanced technology to track, record and re-use SAP knowledge. Store all of your stakeholders’ test scenarios and allow QualiTest’s SAP testers to run them multiple times, in different SAP environments and with different data combinations. Testers will even get screenshots for every step of the process.

Collaboration – allow testing to be delivered by multiple stakeholders

Testing SAP requires multiple key users and other stakeholders to run end-to-end test scenarios. Using Test Center, the stakeholder will know what to test, when it is their turn to test, who tested what before them and to seamlessly pass the baton to the next tester. No more spreadsheets and documents, no more email messages or waiting for a key user to complete a test step.

SAP Test Automation

Use PQS pre-defined test automation scripts or automatically convert the stakeholders’ scripts into automated executable test scripts and run them to reduce time and improve your SAP regression tests.

End-to-End SAP testing solution

The solution provides end-end test planning, cycle management, test execution management and defect management. Our services are delivered through flexible teams covering all facets of ERP functional quality assurance and testing—from advisory services and test scripts creations, to test execution and the generation of test evidence for internal and/or external audit.

Customized to individual needs – Powered by Big Data

Now you can enjoy the benefits of a world where the best products meet premium services. Based on over 25,000 ERP system analyses by Panaya, and thousands of ERP testing and test scoping projects, you can benefit from the wisdom of your ERP management colleagues. QualiTest, the world’s second largest pure play QA and Software Testing Company, provides testing solutions that are tailored to your individual needs and budget.

QuliTest Business process review design

Benefits of QualiTest and PQS include:

For the IT leadership and the testing team managers:  End-To-End effective and economic solutions reduce your IT quality costs while increasing the system quality.  Enables managerial visibility and control over the ERP quality and testing while reducing friction between the IT and the users community around ERP quality and testing. The PQS product allows you to transform ERP testing from recurring expenses into building flexible regression test suited for the ERP system, and to automatically generate compliance and audit documents, while increasing system quality and user community satisfaction.

For the IT ERP Functional experts:  Our services expedite and accelerate the tedious manual testing efforts and significantly reduce the time and resources consumed by the functional experts. This frees the experts from having to perform low value testing activities, and allows more time for high-value business contributions. The Key User’s knowledge is captured and shared with the functional experts, enabling a higher level of collaboration between IT and business.

For the Key-Users and ERP user’s community: Our solutions frees the Key Users  to be the IT business liaison, rather than spend costly resources on repeatedly testing the ERP for function risks. Better communication and collaboration between IT and business reduces quality risks and accelerates “Time to Market” for business-required changes, moving towards a more agile IT and business while increasing user satisfaction.