QualiTest becomes the World’s Largest Independent Testing Company

QualiTest becomes the World’s Largest Independent Testing Company

After 20 years of hard work, QualiTest has become the world’s largest pure play software testing company! Reaching this position of great responsibility is a proud accomplishment. Let’s look at the significance of how we’ve progressed while focused purely on software testing backed by business assurance, how we encounter and overcome new challenges, and how we expand our horizons as the world’s needs advance and broaden.

Welcome!  QualiTest is proud to be the world’s largest independent software testing company.

QualiTest Journey

A word from our Managers

Learn about why we believe in pure-play testing, and how we believe it’s the best approach.

Independent Testing

What specific value is there to Independent Software Testing?

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10 Kinds of Bugs

Not all kinds of bugs are the same. Learn about the different kinds.

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Exceeding Expectations

Can one exceed expectations, or is that just Marketing hype?

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Data Breaches in the U.S.

Everything you ever wanted to know about data breaches in the U.S.

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We show our QualiTest spirit with a flag competition!

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“QualiTest, now the largest pure play software testing company in the world, consistently shows the importance of quality to business success and the immense value that we bring to our clients. The world, meanwhile, continues to show its need for new quality standards to approach today’s quality and business requirements. Recent acquisitions, contracts, and hires continue our year on year growth, and helped us reached this exciting milestone of becoming the world’s largest.” 

—  Ayal Zylberman


Follow our  journey to becoming the world’s largest independent software testing company!

QualiTest's Journey

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3 thoughts on “QualiTest becomes the World’s Largest Independent Testing Company

  1. andy Irving says:

    Love the growth of our company and the constant innovation we provide for our customers Being at the forefront of QA and testing, our customers trust us to guide them to their QA nirvana as true partners.

  2. Nidhi Pathak says:

    Proud to be part of QualiTest Group.

  3. Sarah Viali-Taylor says:

    Great feeling to be part of the QualiTest team – here’s to more milestones!

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