QualiTest celebrates 20 years of growth and success

QualiTest celebrates 20 years of growth and success

QualiTest continues to thrive and expand while employing “the best testers in the world”. The U.S. business magazine Inc. says that 96% of businesses fail in the first 10 years, so at 20 years, we’ve accomplished something special and rare.  So let’s enjoy ourselves and learn a little as we celebrate our first 20 years of success.

Welcome!  Join us as we celebrate our 20 years as QualiTesters, the best testers in the world!

QualiTest Journey

20 years of success

To celebrate our 20th, we share with you a trivia contest, 20th anniversary podcast with QualiTest’s CEO, and some interesting reading about the history of testing.


The  QualiTest Quiz

Test your knowledge of our company’s history and other trivia for a chance to win a $100 gift card.

Take the quiz now!

Surviving a Bad Bug

Would the world survive your error handling?  Here’s how a pro truly managed to save the day.

Read now!

On the Air with Ayal

Ayal on the Testing Show means you’ll find out more about Ayal, QualiTest, and our 20th.

Listen now!

How We Got Here

How do testing and development fit together, and how has the process advanced?

Read now!

We show our QualiTest spirit with a T-shirt competition!

You can enter the competition or check out all submitted pictures   here  on Facebook

“I decided I wanted to start my own company and focus on what was then called “traditional testing”. That’s how I founded QualiTest.  During QualiTest’s first few years, our challenges were making our unique pricing model known and dealing with the much feared Y2K bug.  Now, 20 years later, we’ve experienced firsthand the proliferation of software, digitalization, and automation, and we’re not just upending the industry with a new pricing model, we’re leading the way by developing methods and technology that will improve testing results for years to come.”    —  Ayal Zylberman

Follow our 20 year journey!

QualiTest's Journey

QualiTest's Journey

We hope you enjoyed celebrating with us here. Feel free to leave us a message.

4 thoughts on “QualiTest celebrates 20 years of growth and success

  1. Megha Cv says:

    Congratulations for an incredible progress that has been made on this 20th Anniversary and you really make the workplace a great!!!!!

  2. Sivan Neumann says:

    Very proud to be part of the success!
    Good luck for the next 20 :-)

  3. Amit says:

    Feeling Proud to be a part of Qualitest family. Keep it Going. All the Best!!!

  4. QualiTest says:

    So exciting!

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