QualiTest signs $3m multi-year partnership agreement with AI start-up, DeepCoding

QualiTest signs $3m multi-year partnership agreement with AI start-up, DeepCoding

13 th September, 2018 – QualiTest, the world’s largest independent software testing company, has signed a collaboration agreement with DeepCoding, a VC backed AI start-up to develop the Test Predictor, a revolutionary AI testing tool that will become part of DeepCoding offering. The agreement includes the worldwide distribution rights for DeepCoding IT Delivery Intelligence Platform as well.

The Test Predictor is a cutting-edge AI based tool, designed for test professionals and IT managers around the world, and developed through an understanding of the needs and challenges that exist today in the testing world. This is why both companies have established a joint team of testing and AI experts, to develop a dedicated solution for improving work processes and decision-making in the field of quality engineering.

The Test Predictor will help test professionals and IT managers to make an informed decision, based on facts and data. The Test Predictor is capable of predicting software quality issues over different versions during development processes, as well as optimizing test runs (both manual and automated). Thus reducing development time and significantly reducing development costs. The AI tool is integrated with existing testing tools, significantly increasing the velocity of testing throughput and enable organisation to undertake large-scale Agile and DevOps initiatives on their own.

Two deployments of the test predictors have been finalized with Fortune 1000 companies in the US and in the UK.

“As AI continues to grow within markets globally, we are excited for the opportunity to expand QualiTest’s solutions offering and further position establish ourselves as an industry’ leading player. We are excited to begin our partnership with Deepcoding and delivering a new and innovative solution – TestPredictor” said Aviram Shotten, Chief Knowledge and Innovation Officer at QualiTest. “This partnership is the first of many AI integrations we anticipate delivering for our customers as the AI industry continues to expand and as QualiTest broadens its a global presence.”

About QualiTest

QualiTest is world’s largest software testing and business assurance company. The company designs and develops solutions adapted to a variety of industries in the industry with the most advanced software testing capabilities in the world. The company offers a wide range of testing and quality assurance capabilities tailored to a high level of expertise for companies in the fields of technology, telecom, leads, AI, cyber, health, finance, security, media, retail and industry. The company employs thousands of workers in Israel, the United States, Britain, Ukraine, India and Romania, and serves thousands of customers.

About DeepCoding

DeepCoding is a Tel Aviv based VC backed startup. DeepCoding’s IT Delivery Intelligence Platform, builds a real time, 360 deg consolidated view of the entire IT delivery operations, providing IT leaders of very large orgnanisations, with unprecedented visibility, surfacing present and future risks and allowing management to make better BUSINESS decisions. Thanks to its disruptive AI patent pending technology, DeepCoding’s operational intelligence platform allows IT delivery organisation to be proactive and not reactive by having the capability to predict and prevent their next IT delivery failure (www.deepcoding.ai).

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