Combined on-shore/off-shore testing

Combined on-shore/off-shore testing

The client maintains QualiTest as a primary QA consultant to ensure that all the services related to the company work as required for all users across the globe. After evaluating the customer’s requirements, QualiTest created a test approach based on an off-shore team assisted by an on-shore team to get physical access to devices.

Client Overview

The client is one of the largest mobile network operators and internet service providers in the U.K. and the largest 4G provider in Europe.


Business Needs

Based on recently gathered statistics, the client’s VM platforms were being pushed to their limits and beyond. The aim of the Voicemail Capacity Expansion project is to alleviate/eliminate the strain of limited capacity for handling voicemail over the client’s network. The project has also taken on responsibility for delivering a number of change requests and software patches that resolve issues identified in previous VM deliveries.

Testing also needs to ensure that the caller’s number displayed in an SMS is taken from the “From” field of the SIP request rather than network CLI, and taken from the SIP “P-Asserted-ID” field for the voicemail, VVM, WHO Called, CLI2ME, Purge notification and Snapshot scenarios.

In addition, the client needed assistance releasing some of the load on their VM platforms. Addressing these issues requires expanding the capacity of the existing VM estate and also introducing changes that will improve the existing voicemail service.


The QualiTest Solution

After evaluating the client’s requirements, QualiTest recommended the combined efforts of off-shore and on-shore teams in order to best support the testing needs. However, there were barriers due to the solutions not being ready for testing.

The project ensured a clear understanding of testing functionality.   Meetings were arranged to explain the product functionality and test requirements, as well as clearly defining the business requirements. The Test Strategy was reviewed and approved by members of the project. The correct test resources were identified during the Planning stage.

QualiTest created a test approach and solution based on the combined action of the Network Services testing done by the QualiTest on-shore team based in Eagleswood (Bristol) assisting the QualiTest off-shore team in Bangalore (India) who, using available hand-sets, laptops and a variation of available SIMs completed a full set of test cases for each one of the following sections meant to be tested on this project:

  • Voice Mail
  • Visual Voice Mail
  • WHO called
  • CLI2ME
  • Purge Notification
  • Snapshot
  • Withheld