Twinings Regression

Twinings Regression

Company Overview

Tea was officially introduced to England by the young Portuguese wife of Charles II, Catherine of Braganza, in 1662. She served it to her aristocratic friends and soon tea became the fashionable drink of the day.

Thomas Twining was fascinated by the possibilities offered by this fast-growing beverage. He learned well and quickly and by 1706 knew enough to strike out on his own. He bought Tom’s Coffee House on London’s Strand and so began the world famous tea business. The location of the shop was perfect and still operates today at 216 Strand, London. In 1787, Twinings chooses its logo. Today, it is the oldest commercial logo that has been in continuous use since it was made. Here are a few more corporate milestones:

1837: Queen Victoria makes Twinings an official Royal Warrant holder

1910: Twinings opens its first shop in France

1933: Twinings first blends its famous English Breakfast

1956: Twinings makes tea bags for the first time

1972: Twinings becomes the first company to win the Queen’s Award for Export

2006: Twinings celebrates their 300th year

2010: Were the years that Green Tea boomed in popularity and was re-launched to include more innovative and inspiring blends like Mango & Lychee and Orange & Lotus Flower

2012: The 216 Strand shop was renovated to include a loose tea tasting bar. If your ever in the area go, it’s a must see!!

Today: Twinings sell more than 200 teas in more than 100 countries throughout the world

The Challenge

In 2012, Twinings took the decision to implement SAP; the project has led to wholesale changes to their business with the deployment of a comprehensive SAP System at the heart of the operations. In 2013, UK operations were moved onto using SAP. The second phase of the international rollout was to implement the global template in Poland and China, thereby enabling all of its tea production to be managed in a fully integrated system.

Twinings IS had been actively managing the UK system and were responsible for ensuring that the business was unaffected by the introduction of international changes for Poland & China. This would involve a thorough assessment and ultimately detailed testing of UK functionality to ensure the business would not be impacted by such significant changes. Timelines, resource capacity and adopting the best testing approach was going to be a challenge and Twinings decided to seek support from an external organisation.

This, in itself, brought further challenges to Twinings, where insufficient business process and SAP knowledge from their testing provider ultimately placed too much pressure on their Business Process Leads. Timelines were being compromised, confidence was sinking and costs were in danger of spiraling out of control.

Ultimately the decision was made to switch testing providers to one with in-depth SAP and business process knowledge.

The challenge was set:

  1. Develop & execute a regression pack to ensure quality and continuity of the UK business on go-live.
  2. Significantly reduce the level of support needed from Business Process Owners.
  3. Ensure testing was completed prior to Year End and peak trade periods. This was part of the larger implementation programme meaning that any slippage in timelines would have a significant impact on the wider business.

QualiTest were engaged and deployed genuine SAP testing experts to focus on specific areas and Business Processes which required testing to guarantee the UK-specific functionality would continue to serve the needs of the business.

QualiTest not only achieved the goals with a successful go-live; but also, was determined by Twinings as the model of testing to be followed into the future.

“We brought QualiTest in to help us ensure the project delivered on time and to the requisite quality” – Kathryn Palmer, IS Director

The Results

The project took 13 weeks from a standing start having picked up where the previous testing organisation had left the engagement. The timeline was incredibly tough and the usual challenges of scope, SAP & business process expertise and data sourcing/creation meant there was no room for delays or mistakes. As these skills sets are at the heart of what QualiTest does, we were able to analyse all the UK & IS processes and provide Twinings with fast identification of test cases and scenarios along with the relevant risk profile.

This profile was used to prioritise the development of tests and their subsequent place in the execution schedule, ensuring the highest impact areas were tested as early as possible. SME’s and Business Process Owners 100% bought in to the process as they reviewed and approved the scope and test results; this was achieved with minimal impact on their time. Data was also sourced by the QualiTest team by extracting the necessary master or transactional data directly from tables within SAP.

Execution for the regression pack took 3 weeks with a further week for re-testing. The clarity provided by our scope and risk-based models ensured Twinings were in control of the level of testing needed. The tight timeline for the project was achieved and resulted in a Go-Live with zero P1 incidents for the impacted business units.

Going forward, Twinings has a reusable test pack, which could be automated at the appropriate time, giving opportunities to reduce the overall cost of testing and to provide the ability to test on a weekly basis if needed.

“QualiTest enabled us to deliver an outstanding user experience”
— Rob Ellis, Project Manager

QualiTest Solution

  • Zero P1 incidents
  • 3 week execution + 1 week re-test
  • 83 Integrated Tests + variants
  • >200 SAP transactions • Regression Testing
  • Accelerators
  • Reusable Test Assets
  • HP ALM

About QualiTest

At QualiTest we believe the user experience is everything…

… we also believe that testing should be quick, targeted and enable you to achieve challenging deadlines. It should even help accelerate your projects.

If you think there must be better and cost effective ways than using large, inefficient testing teams, then we’d be happy to discuss ‘how’.

QualiTest was founded in 1997 as an independent testing consultancy to provide real value for large businesses looking to maximise the returns from their SAP systems.

Quite simply, we wanted to stop customers having to pay three times for managing application deployment: once to hire a vendor who would offshore the testing phase, once to put resources in place to manage the offshore team and once to put right all of the problems the vendor failed to spot in time.

Our approach is simple: we hire the most experienced consultants, position testing as the bedrock of project success and work directly with IT and the wider business onsite to ensure every end-user benefits from the full potential of enterprise applications.

Our customers work with us because we are proactive and consultative, offer lower total costs of ownership across the testing lifecycle and guarantee no major incidents after go-live.

“…we appreciated QualiTest’s honest guidance combined with their clear sense of prioritising our needs over any self-interest”
–Rob Ellis, Project Manager