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Calabash Setup

This overview provides step-by-step instructions for setting up calabash-android on Windows and explaining the basic components of a calabash-android test suite, with links to relevant resources provided throughout the document.Read More

How to write scripts for disk management with diskpart

Introduction: Disk management in Windows is possible from the command line, especially with tools such as diskpart. Diskpart can be scripted for quicker disk management....Read More

How to query logs in Event Viewer using the command line

Introduction: Windows Event Viewer log messages can be queried using the command line. This process is slightly different depending on which version of Windows you...Read More

How to prevent your Macintosh laptop from going to sleep when the screen is closed

Introduction: Macintosh laptops will go to sleep when the screen is closed. If this is not intended, you can install a tool so that it...Read More

How to extend a disk in Windows using diskpart

Introduction: Sometimes a disk has more space available to an operating system (OS) than what it actually uses. You can extend the size of the...Read More