Qualitest Selects Experitest for Cross-Platform Continuous Testing and Quality Insights

Qualitest Selects Experitest for Cross-Platform Continuous Testing and Quality Insights

LONDON, Nov. 13, 2019Qualitest, the world’s largest independent software testing and quality assurance company, today announced a collaboration with Experitest, a leading provider of SaaS-based continuous testing platforms for mobile and web browsers, that will provide their respective clients with a single integrated process for delivering flawless mobile and web apps.

Under this new partnership, Experitest will integrate with Qualitest’s existing delivery platform and tools to provide enterprise clients access to a globally distributed lab of dedicated and secure browsers and devices for continuous testing across multiple operating systems, device models and versions. With this collaboration, Qualitest clients can reap the benefits of Experitest’s SaaS-based on Qualitest On-Premises Installation for secured environments mobile device and web browser infrastructure, all located within their eight ISO 27001 and SOC 2 certified data centers.

In addition to being able to test web and mobile apps quickly and continuously, Qualitest is creating a new process, powered by Experitest’s Test Analytics, that enables clients to respond to customer requests quicker. This process enables clients to consolidate all of their digital test results for mobile and web to gain end-to-end quality insights and drive improvements. Qualitest clients will have the ability to scale and run their parallel testing with shorter test times using Test Analytics to identify the root cause of any bugs. 

Several global enterprises are already enjoying the benefits of this partnership, including a global weather forecaster, a multinational investment bank, and a British mobile and ISP provider.  

“The ability to continuously test mobile and web apps 24*7 at large scale is critical for keeping a leading position in any industry today.” said Tal Barmeir, CEO, Experitest, “The Experitest SeeTest SaaS continuous testing platform alongside with Qualitest’s service expertise ensures reaching this target successfully and quickly.”

“Across sectors and geographies, our clients are undertaking digital transformations while simultaneously needing to deliver a consistent and compelling cross-platform, customer experience across a growing number of devices, channels, and operating systems,” said Aviram Shotten, Chief Knowledge and Innovation Officer at Qualitest. “Our partnership with Experitest broadens our capabilities in helping brands rapidly test, deploy, iterate and improve their mobile and web apps using thousands of real devices in the cloud and automated cross-browser tests.”

About Qualitest

Qualitest is the world’s largest independent managed services provider of quality assurance and testing solutions.  As a strategic partner, Qualitest helps brands move beyond functional testing to adopt new innovations such as automation, AI, and crowd-sourced UX testing.  It leverages its domain expertise across industries, including financial services, media and entertainment, retail, consumer goods, technology, gaming, telecom, among others. Qualitest’s global service delivery platform includes the United States, Israel, UK, India and Romania. To learn more about Qualitest, visit www.qualitestgroup.com.

About Experitest

Experitest enables organizations to rapidly release better quality digital applications to the market. Its SeeTest SaaS-based Continuous Testing Platform enables web & mobile application testing across 2,000+ browsers and real mobile devices, and under real end-user conditions. The SeeTest platform includes functional and visual test automation, manual testing, and performance testing, and seamlessly integrates with tools throughout the DevOps pipeline (e.g., Appium, Selenium, Jenkins, Eclipse, XCUITest, Espresso and more). For more information, contact Experitest at support@experitest.com or visit: www.experitest.com