About The Testing Show

About The Testing Show

If you’d like an update on what is happening in software testing in fifteen minutes, then you came to the right place. The Testing Show combines news, analysis, audience feedback, and a little silliness, to save you the time and effort of digging through the internet yourself.

You can also use the testing show another way – as a spring-board into testing news. Each episode is jam-packed with references, links, ideas and information, including analysis of what to read, what to ignore, and what to laugh at.

The show team consists of the host, Matt Heusser, producer, Michael Larsen, three recurring guests – Brian Van Stone, Perze Ababa, and Justin Rohrman. We also invite special guests who are experts on a topic to weigh in from time to time.

Your Show Team

Matthew Heusser

Michael Larsen

Perze “Purzee” Ababa

Brian Van Stone

Justin Rohrman

Probably best known for receiving the Most Influential Agile Test Professional Person Award in Potsdam Germany at Agile Testing Days in 2014 (MAITPP) Matt Heusser was also the lead organizer of the Workshop on Technical Debt, Software Testing World Cup, is a four-time Agile Conference Presenter and three time track chair. Currently the Managing Director at Excelon Development, Matt is also the lead trainer for the company’s courses on lean delivery and testing.

A former President of the Association for Software Testing, we don’t hold that against him. Michael helped develop training materials used in the SummerQAmp initiative for the U.S. Government SummerJobs+ program, in conjunction with other AST volunteers. Michael is a co-founder and co-facilitator of Weekend Testing Americas, as well as an instructor of the Black Box Software Testing (BBST) series of software testing training courses offered by AST. Michael is also an active voice in the recognition of and advancement of Accessibility testing and Inclusive Design in software products. Michael also has a day job, in which he is a software tester and release manager with Socialtext in Palo Alto, CA. You can find him on Twitter at @mkltesthead, and you can read his software testing blog (TESTHEAD) at http://mkltesthead.com.

A Software Testing Manager for Johnson & Johnson’s IT Application Services, Commercial R&D group, and is responsible for the team providing testing related services and test tooling support for J&J Consumer Platform and its websites. With over 15 years of software testing experience, Perze has tested for teams that built multi-tiered desktop applications, websites and native applications for companies such as nytimes.com, ivillage.com and was recently the Director of Test Engineering for Viacom Media Services. He has been a member of the Association for Software Testing since 2010 and have participated in co-facilitating some BBST classes. He is also a founding member of the NYCTesters meetup group

Brian Van Stone has been working with QualiTest for nearly 5 years, enjoying various roles in test automation before assuming his current role as Solutions Architect. Prior to his time with QualiTest, he worked as a Systems Engineer in the utilities industry with a focus on web and web service infrastructure and load balancing.

The current Preisdent of the Association for Software Testing. Don’t blame us; we voted for Hilary. Seriously, Hilary Weaver. She’s awesome. Too bad AST doesn’t allow write-in votes.

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