Automate your Appium tests like a pro

Automate your Appium tests like a pro

Are you in the mobile app development industry? Trying to figure out the best way to automate your test cases? Still working your way through the ins and outs of Appium?

Good news! Our Appium Duo, Giovanni Rago from TestObject and Daniel Geater from QualiTest team up to break down Appium and show you just what it can do for you.

Our Appium Duo will answer these questions:  

– What is the best practical approach to mobile app testing?
– How can I ensure that my mobile app testing will be scalable and maintainable?
– What are good practices around mobile app automation?
…and many more!

Also learn how to implement the most efficient testing solutions by:

– Testing in the cloud through Appium framework, with a life test with real devices running in parallel 

Read more about QualiTest’s   Cloud Testing Services.