Crowd Catcher: How to Take Control of the Crowd

Crowd Catcher: How to Take Control of the Crowd

This webinar brings you a well-rounded panel of experts in Crowd Testing. Our experts break down the fundamentals of Crowd Testing and how you can better leverage your testing resources.

Biraj Nakarja, Camelot Global, Head of Global Test Services – Shares how Camelot Global look to embed crowd testing into their overall testing strategy to help with the ever changing and fragmented mobile world.

Jack Dillon, QualiTest, Head of Crowd Delivery – Discusses the unique way in which QualiTest leverages the crowd in order to evolve from functional testing to functional usability testing. This will allow our clients to have continuous feedback around how apps and features are perceived by end users.

Sanji Alwis, Applause, VP of Business Development- Provides examples of how crowdsourced professional testing is helping QualiTest and Applause improve digital experiences for their customers by replicating real world use case, demographic, geographic, and device fragmentation.

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