Watch Our Recent Webinar Designing for the Internet: Page Objects for the Real World

Watch Our Recent Webinar Designing for the Internet: Page Objects for the Real World

Original Airdate on Thursday, July 6th

Watch the webinar here

Watch as we explored Page Object design pattern to some of the more common, and sometimes frustrating, object configurations found on the internet. Learn how proper application of this pattern enables you to leverage Selenium’s power to produce concise, readable, and maintainable automated tests. We tackled challenging DOM configurations such as

  • Messy tables
  • Frames
  • Random identifiers
  • Third part frameworks like JQuery and Moment
  • HTML5 video players

and more with Java and Selenium 3. Learn how solving these tricky problems with the correct techniques leads to more robust tests while saving scripting time!


This webinar  addressed the following:

  • Examples of applied Page Object design
  • Solving of similar real world issues
  • How to produce more maintainable, concise, and readable automated tests, written fast





Chris Livett has been working with QualiTest for 8 years, working across various roles and industries before assuming his current role as a Senior Test Consultant specialising in test automation, performance testing and leading technical delivery. During his time at QualiTest, Chris has helped define and implement numerous test automation solutions using a variety of tools, frameworks and languages, including implementing Continuous Integration and DevOps processes.

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