Webinar: NFV Testing Methodologies, Services & Tools

Webinar: NFV Testing Methodologies, Services & Tools

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Are you trying to figure out how to effectively test your NFV environment? Are you wondering how to combine Cloud and Virtual Testing with Network Testing? Virtualizing the network elements introduce a new challenge – complex software based network elements. How are you going to validate your virtual network elements, as black-box or white-box?

QualiTest and IXIA teamed up for a joint webinar that addressed software testing in the new world of NFV, and the NFV risks and challenges that network operators face. This session we learned how software and network validation are combined to deliver end-to-end pre-deployment assurance, and discover how to avoid revenue risks, technology challenges and lost market share.


This webinar addressed the following:

  • The risks and challenges in NFV Testing
  • How to integrate existing systems with the virtual world
  • How to build an SDN/NFV validation process
  • Tools and solutions used for NFV Testing


Key Speakers

  • Nimrod Kravicas from IXIA

    Nimrod Kravicas is EMEA Carriers Sales Director at IXIA, leading the EMEA region sales strategy with a special focus on Virtualization challenges as a new market trend. IXIA is a leading vendor of Testing and Visibility solutions for Networking and Security infrastructures.

  • Benny Sand  from  QualiTest

    Benny Sand  is a Senior Business Development Professional at QualiTest  who spearheads testing and QA solutions to a variety of industries, including Telecommunication, Virtualization and Information Technology.